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Getting the Focus of Customer Support Back on the Customer Where it Belongs

TeamSupport.com cloud-based customer service software provider is honored for its excellence in delivering online service and support to its users

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 11, 2013 7:13:49 AM / by Joanne Hathaway

TeamSupport.com Named Among Top 10 Support Web Sites of 2013 by the Association of Support Professionals

We love customer service, and we love helping teams to deliver the best customer support possible. The multiple honors our cloud-based customer service software has received is a reflection of that passion.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that our website has been recognized for its quality as well. Our cloud-based customer service software has been honored for its excellence in delivering online service and support to its users. TeamSupport.com, the award-winning provider of collaborative customer support software, has been named one of the Top 10 web support sites of 2013 by the Association of Support Professionals (ASP), an international membership organization for customer support managers and professionals.

TeamSupport, one of the industry’s best cloud-based collaborative help desk software suites, was honored in the Small Company category for its excellence in providing Web-based support to its customers.

“It’s a particularly gratifying honor because of the extensive criteria used by ASP to judge the sites,” says TeamSupport CEO Robert C. Johnson. “As a provider of collaborative support software, we at TeamSupport strive to model the same world-class service and support that we help our customers deliver. While the design and usability of our Web support is paramount, we are honored to be further recognized for the quality of our interactivity and engagement with customers.”

ASP’s annual competition, now in its 16th year, showcases excellence in online service and support. Winners are selected by a panel of judges with expertise in Web support design and implementation, using a scoring system ranking 25 performance criteria including:

  • Overall usability, design, and navigation;
  • Knowledgebase and search implementation;
  • Interactive features; and
  • Community engagement.

“Web support continues to evolve rapidly,” says ASP founder Jeffrey Tarter. “We constantly update our scoring criteria to reflect industry trends, large and small, and this year we put a much larger emphasis on how a site supports external communities. There seems to be a genuine consensus that online forums and discussion groups are now a necessary feature for just about any state-of-the-art support site, and our current scoring reflects this consensus.”

The 10 winning sites will be profiled in a book, The 10 Best Web Support Sites of 2013, to be published by ASP in July.


About TeamSupport

TeamSupport.com, based in Dallas, Texas, is a Web-based help desk and service desk application built specifically for customer-facing support. Built by a team of veteran software company executives, TeamSupport has won many awards and is a trusted software provider to prominent business clients around the globe. Learn more about why TeamSupport is the trusted software provider for customer support teams across the globe at www.TeamSupport.com.


About the Association of Support Professionals
The Association of Support Professionals is an international membership organization for customer support managers and professionals. It publishes research reports on a wide range of support topics, including fee-based support, services marketing, financial ratios, and support compensation. The ASP also hosts open-access discussion forums and a job board on LinkedIn. For more information, visit www.asponline.com.


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Joanne Hathaway

Written by Joanne Hathaway

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