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Getting the Focus of Customer Support Back on the Customer Where it Belongs

Remedies for an Ailing Help Desk

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 5, 2013 2:09:28 AM / by Joanne Hathaway

best help deskEvery company wants to provide the best customer service. A great help desk and customer support team can make a huge impact in the level of customer satisfaction.

Successful help desk teams know that collaborative customer support service is the best way to achieve customer service success. It makes sense then that a company’s help desk is often the best place to start when looking to make improvements.

There is no doubt that the help desk is working hard, but it may not be working smart. Your help desk may not be reaching its highest potential or providing the best customer service possible. Often, it is hard to tell where the weaknesses lie. Perhaps it is the outdated software the team is using, or it is that the team is not following up on open tickets because they lose track of them. Whatever the issue, there are several things you can do to take your customer service from satisfactory to exemplary.

Be Prepared

Help Desk and Customer Support software applications like TeamSupport can help your team keep track of customer data, tickets, and issues. With all this data available, customer support is simplified. Help desk tools allow all team members to take and share customer information so when the customer has an issue, it is that much easier to solve it..

Take Ownership

It is important that when a customer issue is delivered to a team member, they know they are responsible to make sure the issue is resolved. Even if it means passing it to a more experienced team member, follow up to make sure that the customer has been taken care of. If everyone on your team does this, you should see a drastic improvement on resolved issues.

Be available

Make sure your team is easily accessible. Provide phone numbers, email addresses, a ticket submission portal and a FAQ for those that can help themselves. Customers will appreciate that they don’t have to search through pages to find the company contact information. Starting off on the right foot helps to avoid headaches and flared tempers when they finally do get in contact with a member of the customer support team.

Reach out

The best way to find out where your help desk team can improve is to poll the customer. After all, they are the ones who have experienced the customer support process first hand. That feedback is valuable and can help you to spot where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Listen to your customers and take action on the weaknesses they point out to better your customer service.

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Joanne Hathaway

Written by Joanne Hathaway

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