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Getting the Focus of Customer Support Back on the Customer Where it Belongs

Change is a Customer Support Constant

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 12, 2013 12:28:11 PM / by Joanne Hathaway

Green Communications IconsOur CEO recently had the opportunity to share his insights with regards to the ever changing and evolving landscape that is customer support. It goes without saying that today’s customer service is very different from the customer service of years ago. So much has changed in consumer habits and expectations.

Today social is prevalent in nearly every space and it has changed the way customers interact with the helpdesk and customer service teams. Read the full CustomerThink post: Harness Three Social Trends Impacting Customer Support Teams (and Boost Your Bottom Line).

A hosted help desk solution with superior technology and features- TeamSupport is customer service software at its best!

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Joanne Hathaway

Written by Joanne Hathaway

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